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My Approach

I work with an integrative approach. Trained in various tools such as psychopathology, psychoanalysis, child development, Gestalt, attachment theory, the use of the arts and relaxation, I can adapt  to the consultant's problematic. My approach is holistic. I take into account each person's emotions, behavior, body and relationships, in order to offer personalized support.


SPEAKING: voicing your problematic allows you to verbalize everything you've stored up for too long.  You can release and share events and traumas in complete confidence and safety.

THE PRESENT MOMENT: Focusing on your body in the here and now enables you to reconnect with your emotions and bodily sensations. The aim is to bridge the gap between the psyche and what's happening bodily in the present moment. I encourage you to meet your body and listen to your emotions.

THE BODY: In the course of your psychotherapy, I may need to use methods such as relaxation. Relaxation is highly effective for problems linked to stress, insomnia and certain disorders (psychosomatic, ADHD, anxiety, depression...). It teaches you to relax, to breathe more easily and to manage certain crises.

THE USE OF ARTS: The use of arts (painting, drawing, etc.) enables us to express what is too difficult to verbalize.  The inner world is summoned. It's a way of regaining self-confidence through creativity. There are no questions of aesthetics or judgment: creation ensures a connection with your inner child.

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